The Twelve Principles of Animation: Appeal Research

Appeal is slight different compared to the other principles that have been mentioned previously in my other blogs, the main focus of the appeal principle is to make the characters that you have designed or working with such in the films, …….well appealing to the target audience by using several different factors that surround the character, for more information see below the list:

Fashion/Character Costume: Now this is one of the main factors of appeal because it is one of the first things that the target audience see when the character is first introduced and what they see him/her/it using for the rest of the film or certain scenes. This is important because one, it gives you the general idea about the characters heritage and what they are like, although this can be argued incorrect due to the fact that they are characters that have certain appearances to miss lead both the character and the target audience e.g. a con artist or a spy. The costumes can also be used to identify characteristics of the actual characters and help them blend in with their environment a perfect example of this is Iron Man and Captain America, Iron Man’s armor indicates he is quite intelligent or at least rich but is also brash but at the same time he is heroic, while Capt’s Costume suggests that he is Patriotic but at the same time heroic and serves his country.

Actor/Actress: Now the Actor or Actress is just as important as the clothing/appearance of the character due to the fact that they bring the character to life with how they act with their charisma, so for example Robert Downy Junior, the actor who plays Iron Man in Disney’s Marvel Verse is has been commented as the one and true Tony Stark due to the fact that he capture the character of Tony Star perfectly when he played the character and this can be seen because he acts exactly like he is that character in almost every sense and that he blends in well the story and the background of the film really well. This can be proven with a Quote from The Analysis of Performance Art: A Guide to it’s Theory and Practice by Anthony Howell “Many animals marry their background and seem to blend in the distance by dint of their counter shading or by their resemblance to natural objects of no food interest to their enemies”. This means that some people can be skilled enough as a performer/actor that they can naturally blend in with any environment that they are in which Robot Downy Junior does perfectly.

Myth/Research: Often before any type of entertainment can be made research is required to be made about what they are creating and how accurate they want it to be, so that it does connect to the target audience or so that it doesn’t offend them. Sure not all the research will be correct so their maybe many or a few mistake with the product that are noticeable to the Target audience but that is often unintentional. A perfect example of this is BBC when they did the TV show Merlin, they researched into the legends of King Arthur and Averlon before they started the project so they read various novels about all the characters including the original one and look up the myth behind it before they even designed the appearance and the characters personalities to make the series a success. They even borrowed one of Britain’s oldest castle because it had the closest description to the original Camelot Castle, although their some mistakes and in-accurateness with the stories this was often accidental or was doen on purpose for a reason e.g. open up a story possibility or was considered a better way to end that episode.

Target Audience: This is one of the Trickiest parts of Appeal due to the fact that someone with the target audience maybe easily offended by some of the character and location designs etc or they may not understand why the characters are designed to look like that due to the fact that it is based on their original design from the sixties and to them it doesn’t seem right. But often this is unavoidable due to the fact that not every single individual person can be counted for but at least of the majority can be covered to either understand, not be offended and to understand the detail taken into making the product accurate.

Here are some Examples of Heroes/Protagonists, Villains/Antagonists and Anti-Heroes:


Sonic-generations_2Sonic The Hedgehog AKA The Blue Blur, Sonny (Uncle Chuck Only), Son (Jules, Sonic’s Father in Multiple Universes, Bernadette, Sonic’s Mother and Queen Aleena, Sonic’s Mother and Queen of Mobius in a Alternate Universe), Bro (Prince Manic, Sonic’s Brother in a Alternate Universe), Brother (Princess Sonia, Sonic’s Sister in a Alternate Universe), Sugah-Hog (Bunnie Rabbot Only), Rodent, Rat, Faker, The Fastest Thing Alive, The Legendary Blue Hedgehog, The Blue Wind, Freedom Fighter, Sir Sonic Knight of the Wind, King Arthur and in two other universe Prince/King Sonic. Sonic is a fifteen year old, Blue anthropomorphic Hedgehog who can run at the speed of sound and the defender depending on what universe of Earth/Mobius against the evil villain and arch nemesis Dr Ivo Robotnick/Dr Eggman or as Sonic currently likes to call him Baldy McNosehair. Sonic was born depending on what universe on a planet called Earth/Mobius, where he lost his parents either by unknown means or to Doctor Eggman’s Robotizer at a young age, which led to him either traveling the world or been taken to The Freedom Fighters Base of operations, Knothole, either way he still encounter Eggman and put a stop to his various plans over the years including Robotizing all of Mobius/Using Flikies to power his robots, Stealing the Chaos and Master Emeralds on several different occasions, Chaos, releasing Shadow and the A.R.K. and Breaking the Earth/Mobius in several pieces to release Dark Gaea. Sonic’s blue appearance and powers, are believed to have originated from Mobius/Earth’s surface been covered in a mass amount of Chaos energy that was produced from the Chaos Emeralds, Master Emerald, Chaos Drives (Shards of artificial Chaos Emeralds used to power Mobian/Earth Technology) and Power Rings/Rings (The Rings Sonic collects and uses to heal, protect and sometimes as currency). This Theory has been stated several times over the past decade and has been proven as well due to another example of an Chaos Energy Powered Mobian, Miles “Tails” Prowls,a two tailed fox who can fly by using his twin tails. He is also Sega’s Mascot and has been this for the past 23 years. Sonic is one of the most well known heroes in both comics and video games due to the fact of his laid back, wisecracking and cocky nature as well as his ability to run at the speed of sound, theses are some of the key factors that have made sonic, so popular over the years as well as the wide range of actors that have played the part of Sonic such as Ryan Drummond (1999 – 2004) Who played Sonic in the first animated Sonic Series and is well known for Sonic’s Famous saying “I’M WWWwwwaaaaaaiiiittttiiiinnnggg!!, Jason Griffin (2005 to 2010) Who is said to have brought the best out of Sonic and Roger Craig the current voice of Sonic. Another reason why sonic is popular is because he is consider to be a world champion in his world and our world as well as been known for having a incredibly strong will as well as a sense of justice, a love for freedom and adventure and a heart of Gold. Sonic also has the ability to transform into several different forms when exposed to certain elements (such as all Seven Chaos Emeralds), Sonic can transform into Super Sonic (All Seven Chaos Emeralds), Hyper Sonic (All Seven Hyper Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald), Dark Sonic (When Sonic gets really angry, this form is also the opposite of Sonic in every way), Dark Super Sonic (All Seven Chaos Emeralds and Dark Sonic), Sonic the Werehog (When Dark Gaea is unleashed and it is Night Time), Dark Spine Sonic (The World Rings of Sadness, Rage and Hatred and Only usable in the World of the Arabian Nights, this form is a lot more sinister then regular Sonic) and Excalibur Sonic (All the Sacred Swords and Only usable in the World of King Arthur). Sonic also has several different skills and talents that have been revealed over the past decade such as Super Speed, Enhanced Durability, Extreme Aerobatics and Reflexes, Minor Super Strength, Incredible Jumping Abilities, Uncanny Planning Skills (Arguably), Hand to Hand Combat Skills, Indomitable Will, Break Dancing Skills, Parkour, World Class Extreme Gear Rider, Swordsmanship, Piloting Skills, Grinding, Chaos Powers, Harnessing Chaos Energy, Transformations and Hyper Energy Usage, as well as an excellent Musician/Guitarist/Singer and has shown excellent Leadership Skills. He is also a Co-Founder of The Freedom Fighters and Founder of Team Sonic as well as a Co-Founder of the Sonic Heroes and Sonic Underground (Another Freedom Fighters Group). Over the years Sonic has fought a wide range of enemies including Eggman such as Chaos, Metal Sonic, Gaea, Mephiles, Iblis and Solaris and Eggman Nega (A Descendant of Eggman).


Batman AKA Bruce Wayne (Original Batman), Ceo of Wayne Industries, Richard “Dick” Grayson (Temporary Batman/Later Nightwing), Tim Drake (Second/Temporary Batman), Damian Wayne (Third /Temporary Batman), Terry McGinnis “Wayne” (Batman of the Future), The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, Batsy, Bats, The Bat, World’s Greatest Detective, Matches Malone, Sir Hemingford Grey, Mordecai Wayne, The Insider, Lefty Knox, Minuet Man and the Dark Leaguer. Original created to avenge his Parents by finding their killer and bring him to justice, which later led to him taking up the job of protecting Gotham city from crime, this later led to a wide range of Super Villains and Crime Syndicates been born such as Batman’s Arch nemesis The Joker, Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy, Crow, Humpty Dumpty, Killer Croc, Death Stroke, The Light, The Injustice League and The League of Assassin’s. This also led up to him forming the Bat Family, which Consisted of Alfred Pennyworth (Butler and Father Figure), Robin (First, Second, Third and Forth Robins), Batgirl (Barbra Gordon), Nightwing (Richard “Dick” Grayson), Batwomen (Katherine Kane), Batdog (Ace) and Batbot. Batman is one of DC’s Greatest Heroes and is considered alongside Super-man a Mascot of DC comics and is one of the most well known heroes on this planet as he has been in almost every form of Media created by DC from Comics, to Games, to Movies and Cartoons. Batman has a wide range of talents and skills such as a Genius Level intellect, Peak Physical and mental conditioning, Master Martial Arts Expert, Master Detective, Master Escape Artist, Master Strategist, Master Swordsman, Master Tactician, Master Marksman, He has a wide range of high grade tech at his disposal (Armor, Gadgets, Weapons etc), Master of Stealth, Master of Disguise, Advanced Scientific and Technological Proficiency, Excellent Observational Skills, Access to Vast Wealth and Criminal Records, Trained Computer Hacker, Photographic Memory and Excellent Acting Skills, as well as Excellent Leadership Skills (Both to the Bat Family and Justice League). He is also one of the founders of the Justice League. The reason why Batman is so popular as a hero is that he entire nature as well as his costume is a mystery and has a strong passion for justice which draws in the target audience because he fight in the dark and comes close to cross the line to bring the criminals to Justice. e.g. broke several bones in a criminals bones to get information.



Dr Ivo Robotnik (Formally)/Dr Eggman (Currently) AKA Dr Eggman, Doctor, The Eggman, Egghead, Master Robotnik, Master, King Doc, Baldy McNosehair, Boss, Moustache Monkey, Robuttnik and Jullian (Depends on the Universe). The Archenemies of Sonic The Hedgehog and the previous dictator of Mobius until the freedom fighters led by Sally Acorn and Sonic put a stop to his plans (He still trying to reclaim Mobius, again this depends on which universe). At one point a promising Scientist who was inspired by his grandfather Gerald Robotnik to make Mobius a better place but then at a unknown point turned evil and took over the capital city of mobius, Mobotropolos (Robotropolos under his rule) and encounter Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. His current goal is to either take over the world or to build Eggman Land (A theme park in his own twisted image) although it depends on what mood he is in. Voiced by Deem Bristow (1998 – 2004) he pled the original Eggman in original series including Sonic Underground and Mike Pollock (1998 – Present) who is known as the one True Eggman due to the fact that he has played Eggman in all the sonic Games except the original due to the fact that the characters never spoke until Sonic CD. What Makes Dr Eggman such a Popular villain is the fact that he may be a genius but they way he is often portrayed is that of a spoilt child who never gets his own way and this is often shown when he loses to Sonic and The Freedom Fighters and this adds humor to both the games and the comics, Currently most of the Doctors whom is supplied by two of his latest creations cubot and Orbot who try to tell him something is wrong. He was recently voted into the top twenty five villains of all time by IGN due to him bee cunningly dangerous and unpredictable.


The Joker AKA The Clown Prince of Crime, Madman, Honey (Harley Quinn Only), The Clown, The Freak with Makeup, Boss, The Boss and the Freak (By his Rivals and Gang Members). The Joker is the Arch-nemesis of the Batman and his actual identity has never been actually found out, although the joker has hinted his history several times throughout the Movies, Games and Comics their have been no actual confirmation of his actual identity yet. He is a founding member of the injustice League and Injustice Gang and is a member of the Light ( A criminal Organisation that wants Earth to be the ruler of the Milky Way Galaxy and are the Arch-nemesis Group to Young Justice). He is also classed as the arch-nemesis to the Bat Family, due to the fact that he was responsible for the murder of Jason Todd (2nd Robin, later Red Hood) and the Paralysis of Barbara Gordon (Original Batgirl). The Joker is a skilled hand to hand combatant as well as having a Genius level intellect and an Expert Chemist and Engineer. The Joker has been Christened as one of the Greatest Villains of all time and is considered batman’s greatest and perfect adversary. What makes the Joker so popular is that he is completely mental and mad, this draws in the target audience really well due to the fact that because of this he is completely unpredictable making him sense the complete opposite of The Batman. What also makes him so popular is that he skilled enough to take the Batman on one on one and he probably the only villain in Gotham a side from Rashal Goul that isn’t afraid of the Big bad Bat and that half of his schemes are ridiculous and that they actually work although he has stated the main purpose of them is so that he can fight batman himself.



Shadow The Hedgehog AKA The Ultimate Life Form, Project S.H.A.D.O.W., The Black Hedgehog, The Black Blur, Faker, Traitor, Android, Sir Lancelot (Alternate Universe), Shadow Doom, Shads (Sonic Only), Agent Shadow (G.U.N. Agent) and King Shadow (Alternate Universe). Shadow was created Fifty years ago by Dr Gerald Robotnik in a military project called Project S.H.A.D.O.W. aboard a space station called the Space Colony A.R.K. as a means to create a cure to save Maria Robotnik from a incurable disease and to be a weapon of peace for Mobius/Earth (Depending on what Universe). Shadow grew up alongside Maria Robotnik and became her best friend, who was later killed when the Government agency G.U.N. boarded the A.R.K and killed or captured all the members of the science division aboard, leading to Shadow been sealed away for fifty years in stasis and wanting revenge. This was because, it was discovered that Shadow was made from a Alien Races called the Black Arms DNA, giving Shadow Immortality and the ability to harness Chaos energy and the Chaos Emeralds more effectively then any other character, such as been able to use Chaos Control or Chaos Spear (The exception been Sonic to a certain degree). Fifty Years later Shadow was freed by Eggman and took his revenge against the World but was stopped by Sonic and a Promise he remembered he made to Maria and Sacrificed himself to save the world to stop his own plan, this led to him losing him memory (Which he never gets back) and questioning who he is (Mainly is he a hero or a villain or Neither). Shadow starts to remember several things over the years such as Maria and her Promise as well as Sonic and after the events of Sonic Heroes and Shadow The Hedgehog he joined G.U.N. to keep him promise to Maria as well as keep Team Dark together (Which he and Rouge founded as well as a Co-Founder of The Sonic Heroes). He has several different Friends and Allies regardless of his cold personality such as Sonic, Rouge, Omega, G.U.N., The Chaotix Detective Agency and The Freedom Fighters. He like Sonic also has the ability to change forms when exposed to certain elements,  Dark Shadow (Doing Evil Deeds and Unlike Dark Sonic there is only one difference, he can only use the ability Chaos Blast in this form), Hero Shadow (Heroic Deeds, which grants Shadow the ability to use a massive Chaos Control, without the help of the Chaos Emeralds) and Super Shadow (All Seven Chaos Emeralds). Shadow has been played by several different Voice Actors, David Humphrey (2001 – 2004), Sonic Voice actor Jason Griffin (2005 – 2010) (this voice actor is also considered the true Shadow, just like he is considered the True Sonic) and Kirk Thornton (2011 – Currently). What makes Shadow so popular is that he is considered the polar opposite of Sonic in almost every way (He will kill to protect, he is able and willing to use guns and other weaponry to get the job done), he is also popular because he Sharp Witted, is always on the edge and is always willing to get the job done by any means necessary. He is also popular because he like Sonic in someways, mainly power and skill wise such as he has the ability to run at the same speed as Sonic (although this is arguably incorrect because sonic has proven that he can almost run faster then the speed of light but chooses not to), as well as the ability to utilize the power of the Chaos Emeralds either individually e.g Chaos Control (although it was Shadow who unintentionally taught Sonic how to do this) or Together e.g. Super Shadow (It was Sonic who purposely taught Shadow how to do this, when the A.R.K. was going to crash into Mobius/Earth in order to stop it from happening).

JasonToddJason Todd AKA Jason Peter Todd, Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing (Second/Temporary Nightwing), Hush, Red Hood, Wingman, Red X (Alternate Universe, Second/Temporary Red X, first been Dick Grayson) and Batman (Temporary Batman). Adopted by Bruce Wayne after the death of his parents and become the adopted younger brother of Dick Grayson. He was trained by Bruce and Dick to be the next robin after Dick took up the mantle of Nightwing, he eventually became known as the Second Robin or Red Robin. Jason was unfortunately killed by the Joker at one point and this was a devastating blow to the Bat Family and Bruce and Dick. Years later Jason is resurrected by accident by Super-boy who is trapped in another dimension and was trying to escape by punching his way out which caused minor alteration in Todd’s reality. He later is saved by Batman’s Ex-lover Talhia Al Ghoul, who heals him with a lazerous pit, but this makes him unstable and gives him the desire to kill batman due to the fact that the Batman didn’t killer joker after he killed Todd. Tormented with the Desire for revenge, Todd takes up the mantle of Red Hood for revenge and kill the joker by taking control of all of Gotham’s Gangs. Years later he takes up the mantle of a murderous form of Nightwing but eventually abandons it and returns to Red Robin, but this doesn’t last long and he returns to Red Hood. Unlike his Predecessor and his mentor he is willing to take the life of those he deems a threat to justices and peace, even his own Family, including the Bat family, he is mainly a loose canon although recently he has formed a team called the outlaws which consists of Himself, Star Fire and Arsenal. Formerly a member of the Teen Titans and Young Justice. Jason Todd is a unique Anti-hero due to the fact that a majority of the DC Comic fans hate and like him mainly due to the fact that people saw him mainly as a replacement for Dick Grayson the original robin to fill in plot holes for the comics but when they killed him of the reaction of the target audience was huge they didn’t realize how important he really was in the story so he was brought back  in his more popular form Red Hood. Out of all his aliases Red Hood is his most popular because he like many Anti-Heroes is willing to go the distance in killing those who harm the innocent to keep the peace. Like all of Batman’s prodigies he is trained in various forms of Combat and skills but he is a Excellent Acrobat and Marksmen, a Deadly Hand to hand Combatant and has Access to High-Caliber Weaponry. He is considered quite popular due to his darker attitude then Batman and he is considered as the Dark Robin, the one who is willing to cross the line that not even Nightwing or Batman would.

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