The Twelve Principles of Animation: Follow Through and Over Lapping Action Research

Follow Through and Over Lapping Action is one of the most  interesting principle of the Twelve Principles of Animation because both actions are based on the actual movement of the character and the items or props that might be attached or the character is carrying. Follow Through is based on the continued movement of certain parts of the characters anatomy without actually realizing for example the character hands will continue to move after the character has stopped moving for a few seconds after. While Over Lapping action is often associated with items or clothing that are been carried or are on the character for example when a character moves so does their clothing maybe it ripples due to the wind in the area or it is caused by the motion of the character moving but this is the main focus of Over Lapping Action, this is often used to create a better sense of realism for the character and the animation.

Here is a excellent example of both Follow Through and Over Lapping Action in use, with the animated series Teen Titans.