Production Design for Entertainment:

Production design for entertainment involves a lot of things mainly coming up with an idea such as I did with Firewall and their are several ways of doing this which involves watching and reading both things you enjoy and have never watched before due to the fact that if we didn’t watch, read or research new things Idea for animations would hardly change and all the produced pieces of animation or any other forms of art would appear to be similar in design and lack any uniqueness or individuality. From their the research is looked into further depth and then developed into several different ideas and then some of those ideas are selected and then developed even further and then some of those ideas and selected as the final idea and then is run by the target audience for their personal idea. Production Design is a important because it allows us to create, develop and select several different ideas to create the final product from just one idea that someone had. I have used this in several different versions of my animation such as FIREWALL! and my Italian Pizza Parlla dishwasher because it makes the creation of an entire animation or a character effectively and quickly.

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