Graphics Notes

Graphic Design is an important factor in animation just like life drawing is important to Animation due to the fact that the environment that surrounds a character during a scene is just as important as the actual character, in making the animation appear realistic. So during our lecture we where told abut how you can tell when you look at certain posters and signs for shops which is done by a professional or done by someone who has no experience what so ever.


This is a perfect example due to the fact that Smiths is a professional business meaning that all they graphic products such as logo and adverts will be done by professionals for example look at the companies sign in the photo. The logo must look professional or the attention of the target audience will not be gained due to the fact that this big company but is using a poor example of graphic design.


This second picture is a perfect example of a use of both professional and a rookie piece of graphic design, if you look carefully at the picture the sign for the actual building which is a pub is professionally made. This helps draw in the target audience because it has a professional and attractive look. While if you look carefully at the windows their is a rookie graphic product in window, which gives the target audience an impression of the place been cheap.

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