Designing Props, Objects and Vehicle for Entertainment Media.

Designing Props, objects and Vehicles is a useful skill especially when one is designing a animation either for a story board, a piece of concept art or a entire animation because the props can help make it easier for the target audience to envision the type of character or environment that they are place in belong to or how they effect it or the character. I my self have designed several props my self for firewall before I chose my final one to use for my animation’s final piece of concept. I found creating props been a very effective way of helping bring out the best of all the individual characters and the environment as well as revealing important factors about them and the story. I enjoyed this part of the course effectively because I already knew what sort of environment because I had several different environment all ready finished that I could chose from and from there I could envision what sorts of props, that would belong in the environment that I chose. The brief was good way of getting my ideas flowing because it suggested choosing one environment and coming up with thirty different prop idea and then drawing the ones that you liked the most.

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