Creativity and Creating a Personal Micro Culture:

Creating and Creativity a Personal Micro Culture, this is when people create blogs, portfolios, Video sites such as Youtube to show of their work if they are young artist or animators to get noticed by companies who are looking to hire full time artists or free lance ones to work for them on some of their projects that they are currently producing. It is recommended by students who are taking any art courses to start a portfolio online when they start the course to show how much their work has progressed since the beginning of the curse to the very end of it. I myself have started several means of recording my work for a future for a portfolio such as Youtube and of course this blog both under the name of Amtanimator and Have been recommended several sites that can host a portfolio and show of more of my work such as Deviantart, which allows your work to be seen by the community on the site or the whole world and allows it to be commented on by them. My own work on the blog has all my current research for my various animations such as FIREWALL! and my current new pitch such as Last Hunt, which is based on an article that I located within a Nation Geographic Magazine that I bought, My blog also contains several finished pieces of animation work.

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