An Intro to storyboarding.

Story-boarding is a effective way of of creating a story and giving a purpose to your characters and the environments that have been created. Storyboards are used to so the story of the animation before the actual animation is created and fully operational for example a loony toons episode will not be created without a storyboard due to the fact that it helps the actual animators visualize what the movement of the character will be and how they will interact with the environment and the props around them and how they will affect the charters in turn. I myself have used story boards for another animation piece called classy Clyde the builder, who throughout the animation is celebrating at a bar which enhances the the point of his celebration and him celebrating enhances the purpose of the bar. Storyboarding can also be used to help the animators see actual movement before they actual animate a fully working version by animation the story board, which turns it into a animation called a animatic, this is useful because it reveals how effectively all the individual elements of the animation work together e.g. Props,characters and environment.

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