An Intro to storyboarding.

Story-boarding is a effective way of of creating a story and giving a purpose to your characters and the environments that have been created. Storyboards are used to so the story of the animation before the actual animation is created and fully operational for example a loony toons episode will not be created without a storyboard due to the fact that it helps the actual animators visualize what the movement of the character will be and how they will interact with the environment and the props around them and how they will affect the charters in turn. I myself have used story boards for another animation piece called classy Clyde the builder, who throughout the animation is celebrating at a bar which enhances the the point of his celebration and him celebrating enhances the purpose of the bar. Storyboarding can also be used to help the animators see actual movement before they actual animate a fully working version by animation the story board, which turns it into a animation called a animatic, this is useful because it reveals how effectively all the individual elements of the animation work together e.g. Props,characters and environment.

Designing Props, Objects and Vehicle for Entertainment Media.

Designing Props, objects and Vehicles is a useful skill especially when one is designing a animation either for a story board, a piece of concept art or a entire animation because the props can help make it easier for the target audience to envision the type of character or environment that they are place in belong to or how they effect it or the character. I my self have designed several props my self for firewall before I chose my final one to use for my animation’s final piece of concept. I found creating props been a very effective way of helping bring out the best of all the individual characters and the environment as well as revealing important factors about them and the story. I enjoyed this part of the course effectively because I already knew what sort of environment because I had several different environment all ready finished that I could chose from and from there I could envision what sorts of props, that would belong in the environment that I chose. The brief was good way of getting my ideas flowing because it suggested choosing one environment and coming up with thirty different prop idea and then drawing the ones that you liked the most.

Production Design for Entertainment:

Production design for entertainment involves a lot of things mainly coming up with an idea such as I did with Firewall and their are several ways of doing this which involves watching and reading both things you enjoy and have never watched before due to the fact that if we didn’t watch, read or research new things Idea for animations would hardly change and all the produced pieces of animation or any other forms of art would appear to be similar in design and lack any uniqueness or individuality. From their the research is looked into further depth and then developed into several different ideas and then some of those ideas are selected and then developed even further and then some of those ideas and selected as the final idea and then is run by the target audience for their personal idea. Production Design is a important because it allows us to create, develop and select several different ideas to create the final product from just one idea that someone had. I have used this in several different versions of my animation such as FIREWALL! and my Italian Pizza Parlla dishwasher because it makes the creation of an entire animation or a character effectively and quickly.

Creativity and Creating a Personal Micro Culture:

Creating and Creativity a Personal Micro Culture, this is when people create blogs, portfolios, Video sites such as Youtube to show of their work if they are young artist or animators to get noticed by companies who are looking to hire full time artists or free lance ones to work for them on some of their projects that they are currently producing. It is recommended by students who are taking any art courses to start a portfolio online when they start the course to show how much their work has progressed since the beginning of the curse to the very end of it. I myself have started several means of recording my work for a future for a portfolio such as Youtube and of course this blog both under the name of Amtanimator and Have been recommended several sites that can host a portfolio and show of more of my work such as Deviantart, which allows your work to be seen by the community on the site or the whole world and allows it to be commented on by them. My own work on the blog has all my current research for my various animations such as FIREWALL! and my current new pitch such as Last Hunt, which is based on an article that I located within a Nation Geographic Magazine that I bought, My blog also contains several finished pieces of animation work.

Graphics Notes

Graphic Design is an important factor in animation just like life drawing is important to Animation due to the fact that the environment that surrounds a character during a scene is just as important as the actual character, in making the animation appear realistic. So during our lecture we where told abut how you can tell when you look at certain posters and signs for shops which is done by a professional or done by someone who has no experience what so ever.


This is a perfect example due to the fact that Smiths is a professional business meaning that all they graphic products such as logo and adverts will be done by professionals for example look at the companies sign in the photo. The logo must look professional or the attention of the target audience will not be gained due to the fact that this big company but is using a poor example of graphic design.


This second picture is a perfect example of a use of both professional and a rookie piece of graphic design, if you look carefully at the picture the sign for the actual building which is a pub is professionally made. This helps draw in the target audience because it has a professional and attractive look. While if you look carefully at the windows their is a rookie graphic product in window, which gives the target audience an impression of the place been cheap.