Timeline Research 1963: The Magic Roundabout

The Magic Roundabout is a french animation that was first aired in 1963 and then aired again in English in Britain on 18th of October 1965. The people responsible for creating The Magic Roundabout or Le Manège enchanté were Ivor and Josaine Wood, the English version of the Magic Roundabout bared no relation to the original story line of the French version. The animation style used for the actual animation was stop motion animation this was used for the french animation and the footage was reused for the English version the only difference between the two is the language the characters talk in. The series had a total of 407 episodes but only half of them where aired in English. I believe that this was one of the very first suceessful attempt at stop motion animation during the twentieth century due to the fact that style of animation was considered not proper animation at the time, The magic roundabout could also be considered the starting point ofr all stop motion cartoons and animation that have been created thus so far. This is consider as entertainment and cartoon.

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