Timeline Research 1923: The Walt Disney Company is founded

On the 16th October 1923, The Walt Disney Company was founded by Walt and Roy Disney but was originally called the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio and took this name for a long time until 1986 where the name was changed in honor of Walt Disney after his death by order of Roy Disney, who later died 2 months later. The Walt Disney Company became the leading animation studio in the American Animation Industry for years and eventually reached out into different sectors of New media such as Live action film production, Television and travel, as well as theater, radio, publishing and online media. The first film that was produced by Disney that involved was Alice in wonderland in 1923 and one of their very first characters designed was Mickey Mouse in 1928 and is considered the successor of Oswald the Rabbit the Half brother of Mickey. On the 18th July 1955 the first Disney land was finished and opened to the public by Walt Disney, the park was originally built because Walt wanted a place for his children and grandparents to go when he worked on his animations, while his brother financed the company. I believe that this is one of the most important events in the history of animation due to the fact that The Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest companies that is involved in the Animation and New Media In world. This reason for it’s succession is due to the fact that a majority of Disney’s productions are actually produced with a certain target audience in mind but even with that the films appear to attract the attention of people of all ages. This section is considered as historical.

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