Timeline Research 1920: Debut of Thomas the Cat

Thomas the Cat is considered the predecessor of Felix the Cat and one of the very first colour animated cartoons recorded in the early 20th Century. The plot of the animation is fairly basic, Thomas from a young age is raised to catch mice but due to a unfortunate misunderstanding of the difference between a mouse and a Rat, Thomas goes after the Rat. The animation is fairly short with the span of five minuets playing time and I personally think that even though it is a fairly basic animation it was quite successful due to the fact that the actual animation runs quite smoothly and is funny as well due to the story been quite basic that the humor is see able and understandable. I personally believe that Thomas the cat was the very first animated cat that has been recorded down in animation history and he is a key point in that history because of this and this make him an important figure. This animation is classed under Entertainment and cartoon.

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