Timeline Research: Phenakistoscope

The Phenakistoscope was created in 1832 and was one of the very first form of motion animation, the motion was created by having a series of images placed within a rotating disc and once spun the images within the disc began to move creating a sense of motion this could be seen through gaps within the rotating disc. The reason the images within the rotating disc seem to move is due to the principle of persistence of vision. This considered as one of the very first forms of motion animation and I believe that they are right because it is one of the first appearance that is recorded within history of any motion forms of animation apart from Greek Pottery which could be rotated making the images on the side of the pots move. I believe that the Phenkiascope is based on this. It is a form of entertainment and experimentation or more specifically an invention or early prototype. This classed as a animation device and historical as well as animation.

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