FIREWALL! Architecture Inspiration for Environments and Architecture.

Environments and Architecture are a very important party of animations due to the fact that they often enhance the emotions a character is using or what the creator wants the target audience to feel during the a certain scene and the architecture is often used to show what sort of environment he character is in for example if the environment was the slums of a city the buildings in the area would make sense to have a run down building in that environment than a posh mansion.  Here are some of the images that I used to inspire the environments for FIREWALL!, the images are taken from various websites such as ubisoft and blogs:

09 6436128009_0db68e6456 h jqg_1328630433 Kaon Kaon-for-QA-use-only-1024x662 stonehenge stonehenge_england_1024 szzn11

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