Timeline Research: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

The Very First colour Animation produced on 27th December 1937, also produced by Walt Disney. The animation used is Cel Animation due to the fact that this is one of the earliest forms of animation around, the story is based on the German fairy tail by the Grimme Brothers. It is also classed as the first recorded full length animated film and earned a total of $8 Million dollars after it’s first release. The film has earned a total of 12th Academy awards, a Oscar and was nominated for best animated film score. Recently the film has been the basis for a new show created by Disney Studios called The 7D and the opening song is also based on the original I hoo song that was used in the original film. I believe that this was one of successful animated films of it’s time due to the fact that it earned a lot once released and is still one of the most popular Disney films today.

This is marked under the Film and the reason why it has been chosen for the animation timeline is due to the fact that the film is very first animated cel film created in colour and due to this it inspired many more animated films produced by numerous animation technique to be done in colour because it made the animations feel more realistic and believable.

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