Timeline Research – Toy Story

Toy story was one of the very first films that was made completely out of CGI Animation due to this Toy Story is considered as the start of a new age of animation. Toy Story was first released in 1995 and was produced by Pixar Animation Studios, the film is based around Anthropomorphic toys. Originally Pixar was a business that specialized in CGI Animation and produced a couple of other animations such as Tin Toy in 1988, until it was purchased by Disney Studios and they led the production of Toy Story. The film earned a total of $364.5 Million after it was first aired on 22nd November 1995 and is considered as one of Pixar’s most successful film recorded to date so far. I personally believe that this is one of the most important moments in the history of Animation due to the fact that the animation used was CGI, which wasn’t used that often until Toy Story came out because the entire film is made out of CGI Animation making it the first of it’s kind to the world. This is classified as a movie and as a form as entertainment.

This is marked as a Film on the Timeline and the Role and Scope, the reason for this is that this is very first complete CGI Film where everything within the film was computer generated and the only real world items used were the actors voices. So the main reason why this belongs on the timeline is because this was a first of it’s kind movie that has inspired lots of other animated films later on.

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