Steamboat Willie

Steamboat Willie was the very first Disney animated short created by Walt Disney and Ub Iworks, The short animation was also the third appearance of infamous Disney Character Mickey Mouse, he made an earlier appearance in Plane Crazy and The Gallopin Gaucho. It was first aired on 18th November 1928 and is considered the very first animation with synchronized sound. The animation was based of Buster Keaton’s film Steamboat Bill Jr, Steamboat Willie also included the appearance of Minnie the mouse and Pete. The animation was fairly short showing Mickey captaining a steamboat until the Pete comes along and pushes Mickey a side, this then leads to a large heap of trouble and humor on the Steamboat Willie.

Now I am placing this one the Timeline and Role and Scope underneath Animation, the reason for this is like I stated above it was the first animated cartoon to use synchronized sound, although it wasn’t the first animated cartoon it is still a important moment in the history of animation due to the fact that it is the first animated cartoon to have a sound track that works effectively with the cartoon. Steamboat Willie in other words is fore founder of today’s animation due to it’s success will full synchronization with both animation and a sound track and this inspired other animations to have the same affect be that for means of personal development or profit this was a key moment in the history of animation.

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