Timeline Research 1895: Lumiere Brothers

Auguste and Louis Lumiere are well known film makers throughout history, they invented the cinematograph which was based on Edison’s Kinetoscopes design. In 1894, they produced there first film called Sortie de l’usine Lumiere de Lyon, which by many is considered the first real motion picture. They were able to produced the Cinematograph and various motion pictures due to the fact that they both attended La Martiniere and then later worked with their farther, Claude-Antoine Lumiere in his photography business for couple of years. It took the Lumiere brothers all winter to put together the film by experimenting with various pictures and images. A majority of the Lumiere brothers works where presented in french but in 18th April 1985 they presented one of their very first English called Le Voltige.

Some of the information was taken from wikipedia, EarlyCinema.com

Now the reason for having these two in the Timeline and The Role and Scope under Invention should be fairly obvious, they invented the Cinematography as well as the first moving film so in other words they are the creators of the moving film. They single handily created a new form of animation while creating this, what I mean by this is that a sliver of film is a sequence of images called a sequential image, this is what most animations are made out of so when the Lumiere brothers created this they basically created not only modern day film but also modern day animation. They have also been place on the Timeline and Role and Scope due to the fact that they also worked in photography which led to their creation of the cinematography yes but it also was a early form of animation with single imagery that they worked with and they made advancements in this as well.

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