Greek Sculpture and Pottery: Time Line Research

The reason this section of history was chosen is due to fact that sculptures are considered as animation and some of the earliest forms of sculptures are ancient Greek, just like my research into ancient Greek pottery, the following quotes and notes are my own or taken from John Boardman’s Greek Sculpture mainly the chapter two The Dark Ages and Geometric Period. Some of theses sculptures are excellent examples of animation due to the use of Geometric and life like appearances of the sculptures. A quote from Greek Sculptures implies this “A Cylinder served as the body for a standing a figure or an animal, and to it were added, free-hand, head and limbs, all being painted and fired as any painted vase, with same pigments, the same patterns”. Another example of quotes that imply that this was a excellent example of early animation is the quote “By this time too we find more ambitious compositions, either in the pose of a single figure, a bowman or helmet-maker, or in groups, where the subject is heroic, and we are reminded by them that Greek interest in narrative was beginning to be expressed by Geometric artists other than Homer”. These sort of sculptures came around a few years after the pottery.

Click here to Ancient Greek Art:

Greek Pottery is also important in this due to the fact that most Ancient Greek Pottery actually consisted of the basic animation technique of Single and Sequential Imagery, most pots depicted a story of some sort that by using this technique to tell the story and what is even more interesting is that these pots if rotated fast enough the images on the side will star to move just like a role film from a projector.

This is placed underneath the Communication part of the Timeline and Role and Scope due to the fact that it is one of the earliest forms of communication as well as art in the history of man kind making a perfect candidate for the Timeline.

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