Myth Research: Sequential Imagery Project

The Myth I have chosen is Greek Myth of Medusa, the Gorgon. Originally a priestess of the temple of Athena that swore her life to Athena and a life of celibacy. She later met and fell in love with Poseidon the god of the sea and later married him. This led to Medusa been cursed by Athena for breaking her oath, the curse turned every person she looked at into stone and was curse with snake hair and to wander the land for eternity. Medusa then fled in fear to a small remote island of the coast of Greece and stayed there for years until she was found and slayed by the demigod son of Zeus, Perseus. Perseus defeated Medusa by using his shield to reflect her image back at er turning her into stone.

Click here for story.

Images of Medusa.

Images of the fight between Medusa and Perseus.

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