Animation Project: FIREWALL!

This project has to be based of a legend or a story of some sort, so I chose the Arthurian Legends as what to base my animation project off.

This is is the pitch for my new project.

In the year 3490, the world is at peace, no wars or major disasters have happened since the Early 21st Century. In the past 100 years there has been a huge technical advancement in Robotics, which is where our story begins. The latest model of Robotics is one BORGON LE VVɅY unit designed for controlling mass amounts of electrical energy and digital data that passes through the DMC (Digital Master Core), center of all digital devices on Earth. Unfortunately something went wrong, BORGON LE VVɅY takes over the World using the DMC, enslaving Humanity. The only thing that can stop BORGON LE VVɅY is an emergency kill switch to stop BORGON called Viral, a mysterious digital blade which is in the hands of Humanities last hope a Resistance called FIREWALL. Led by the son/daughter of the creator BORGON LE VVɅY called Ascension, now it is up to FIREWALL to stop BORGON LE VVɅY before it is too late or die trying.

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