Examples of Bounce, Squash and Stretch

Here are some examples of Bounce, Squash and Stretch.

Simons Cat: Simons cat actual uses all three of these mentioned movements within the animator such as when he jumps or when he stretches or when he lands from a jump or when he is running. Designed, Animated and sound done by Simon Tofield. Originally Simons cat was ment to be a time thing until Tofield discovered that it was extremely popular and he continued doing Simons Cat, including a cat calming drug.

Another Example of this form of animation is the Ultimate Spider-man animated TV series.

Designed and Animated by Marvel and Man of Action, the series uses a lot of the first principle due to the theme of the animation which is super heros for example spider-man uses this the most due to all the jumps and tricks he performs when he is fighting the super villains or is web slinging across new york.

The Next Example is Butch Hartmans Danny Phantom, which uses cell animation but applies the first principle of animation perfectly, due to the fact that the animation often applies that it is 3D such as in the fight scenes to make them seem more realistic. Butch Hartmen uses the 12 Principles of Animation within his animations such as Fairly Odd Parents, Daxter’s Laboratory and Power Puff Girls.

The final example I am going to be use is Sonic Boom which is a French American CGI-Animated TV Series by SEGA America and OuiDo! in collaboration together. All the Character have been redesigned for both the game and TV series and both heavily use the the first Princliple of Animation for all the characters such as sonic running and jumping.

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