Artists: Scott MCcloud

Scott McCloud is an Comic Theorist and Cartoonist who has published various art works for comics and art guides such as Zot!, Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, Making Comics. He was born on June 10th 1960, his art style consist of all his works been in comic book form for example all of his guides are in fact made out to look like comic books on the inside, which helps show the points he is trying to make with the steps in his guide such as page 90 in Making Comics. Some of his famous comic works are 12 issues he wrote for DC Comics Superman Adventures and Zot! which he invented himself in 1984.

Some of information and links used where from Wikipedia and his own Making comics guide, as well as the links from Google and Amazon.

He would be list under the artist on the Timeline and Role and Scope. The reasons why for this are one his one he is a artist, the second reason why is that he has worked for several comic book companies over the last several decades and has published his own comic and guide to making ones own comics. He has made a unique contribution to the world of animation due to the fact that his arts style over the last decade has inspired several new generations of Artists to seek out their own talents and styles within the art world.

Click here to see his official page: 

Click Here to see some of his work:

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