Artists: Charley Harper

One of the artists that has caught my eye is called Charley Harper. The reason he has caught my eye is that most of his work that he has produced is quite unique in style and it’s general appearance, another reason why I like his work is because he often bases his work around a combination of real and fiction based events, sometimes his work is even based around nature based scenes e.g. monkey eating bananas or sometimes he does serial based work as well for example, Index A to Z or Special occasion Dinners for two. Some Examples of his natural work are A Gibbon Catches A Weaverbird In Midair or From Tadpole to Frog. Charley Harper was born on August 4 1922 and recently died on June 10 2007. He is known as a Cincinnati based American Modernist Artist and is well known for his various works in wildlife with products such as Prints, Posters and Book Illustrations, he claimed that most of his work was influenced by the family farm he grew up on.

Some of the information presented was taken from Wikipedia and Charley Harper A illustrated life.

Click here to see his official page

Check out his Work

He of course is classed under the artist section of the timeline and Role and Scope this is because he was one of the most current animators/illustrators around until 10th June 2007 when he passed away. His works weer very unique and he published a lot of theme for charities and hospitals, so I consider him important to the Timeline and The Role and Scope due to the fact that he contributed a unique style of art to the world that was appealing to art and it focused on bring joy to those in need and brightening up the world, so I believe he is a worth will mention.

Taken from his official website.

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