C.A.T.S Essay 2 Ideas

The Incredibles – Wide range of scenes, wide range of costumes, good light and composition use, excellent prop usage, excellent acting.

Finding Nemo – Vast setting, wide range of props and costumes, ok acting.

Cars – Wide range of setting locations, ok acting, not many props.

Concept Art

Last week we covered Concept Art due as a warm up for our timeline project. We covered this to understand and show that we understand the wide various of Animation through out the ages. For example some of the earliest forms of Animation, where basic images such as cave paintings, this short of style of animation is called a single frame animation, basically the animation is that of a single image, the first European cave painting is 30,000 years old, which makes it one of the earliest forms of Animation. See here for Cave Paintings. Another example of an early form of animation is Ancient Greek Pottery which is a form of Sequential Animation due to the fact that it has more then one image on them and when rotated the images look like they are moving. The earliest recording of Greek pottery was about 1050-900BC. See Here for Greek Pottery. But the main focus of this post is to give some examples and explain the reasons behind Concept Art. Concept Art is Art used to develop and create characters and location for Movies, TV Series, Video Games, Cartoons, Comics and even Web Pages. Some of the best examples of Concept Art I can come up with are for Video Games. For Example I can name a few for video games like: Star Wars Force Unleashed. Star Wars Force Unleashed 2. Jak 2 Renegade. Some of the Cartoon examples I can come up with are: Star Wars the Clone Wars. Star Wars Rebels. Concept Art is a good way of creating and developing ideas for all sorts of things from Graphics to Animation, the ideas are then presented to another member of group creating the product and they then choose with the target audience as well as other colleagues the ideas they like the most and either send them of for developing or publishing.