Animation Timeline Research P1

I have started My research into the history of Animation by obtaining a book on the arts and craft movement called The Arts and Craft Movement by Elizabeth Cumming and Wendy Kaplan. Some of the Information within the book is quite interesting like the entire arts and craft movement was founded by Designers, Architect and theorists in Victorian Britain. The movement had “no identifiable sense of style, in fact the word style was considered a anathema to them”. Famous historian and Architect W.R. Lethaby was a major figure within the Arts and Craft Movement and believed that ” the message will be of nature and man, of order and beauty, but all will be sweetness, simplicity, freedom, confidence and light”. Other designers of the arts and crafts movement such as “Theorist and Architect A.W.N Pugin rejected the early Victorian vogue for Classical architecture in favour of revival of  Medieval Gothic, which he believed, reflected the order and stability of the Christian faith. To stem the present decay of taste”. The first arts workers guild was set up in 1884 at the start of the Arts and Craft Movement and was founded by free thinking architects such as Lethaby, E.S. Pripor, Ernest Newton, Mervyn Macartney and Geral Horsley, who where all pupils of the London Scot Architect Richard Norman Shaw. One of the first signs of single frame animation been used in the Arts and Craft Movement was, when art architects produced new plans and re-evaluated their materials, such as “E.S. Prior (1852-1932), another Shaw pupil, devised unusual plans was one of the first to emphasize visually a house as a shelter”.

Here are some Examples of the Arts and Crafts Movement:


Arts and Crafts 

In the Role and Scope this Event I would say should go under invention due to fact that It made way we think about the appearance of everything, What I mean by this is that when the Art Movement is brought up a certain phrase is said Form follow Function, which in fact what the entire movement was about the function of the furniture and how this affects us. From this several different arts movements have occurred and I because of this I believe was one of the most single handily one of the most important events on my timeline due to the fact that this single event got us to question in every art what do want a product with form or function.

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