What this blog is about!

This blog was set up to help me with my BA honors Animation Course. The images, links and documents that I post up on this blog are to show proof of work as well as to inspire it and to show what sort of things I am interest in in both animation and for my own personal enjoyment. For example I enjoy watching various forms of animation for my own personal pleasure e.g. The Ultimate Spider-Man series by Marvel and Disney, which uses a wide range of animation in the show, check the links out for example.

The Ultimate Spider-Man meets Spider-Man 2099: Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors Spiderverse Part 1

The Ultimate Spider-Man Chibi Comedy Scene

Another form of animation that I enjoy and use for inspiration is Nickelodeons Danny Phantom, see link for example:

Danny Phantom Season 1 EP 1 Mystery Meat

Another Form of Animation that interests me is Animation the is integrated into live acting, for example:

Mighty Med Sneak Peak, Are You Afraid of Sharks

Avengers Assemble New York Fight Scene

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